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Order Custom Embroidery Badges Online

Want to order custom embroidery Badges & logo for your business? Do you know it needs professional skill and proper mindset? We at embdesigntube will be happy to work on your embroidery badges project work.

Embroidery Badges
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How to Order Custom Embroidery Badges Online

  • You can send us an email to care[at]embdesigntube.com (Note : replace [at] with @ symbol)
  • You will need to mention height, width, size, your desired embroidery format in your email (Hoop size if any)
  • Our designer team will look at your requirement and send you quotation for your order along with time limit to finish your order
  • Once you agree with pricing and time duration, we will send you payment invoice for your order.
  • Once you pay that invoice, your order will be started working on and you should expect your design within provided time limit and duration.

Even after your Embroidery Badges order gets finished, if still, you need any modification, we will do the needful. You will get the best Custom Embroidered Badges digitizing service from our website.

There are two types of Embroidery Badge service, that we do offer.

  1. Premium Cost Embroidery Badges
  2. Low-cost Embroidery Badges

In premium cost Embroidery design & badges service, we will not disclose your order with anyone online. This will cost you little more than a regular amount, but your privacy will be 100% maintained. We will never share your design on our website for public purchase or orders, nor it will be shown to any embroidery client by us.

In low-cost embroidery badge designing service, this will cost you less amount than regular amount. Sometimes, we offer you discount too for this embroidery badges services. But your design will be shared online on our website for public purchase, it will also be shown to other embroidery clients when needed.

You can also share your reference image or design along with other measurement criteria on our website from service section. Heer is the link to embroidery service section of our website.