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Halter Neck Blouse – Embroidery Trends

To give trendy touch and modern twist to your saree, making sure that it should show off a lot of beauty is to make something cool and trendy like halter neck blouse. Yes, boat neck blouse & Halter neck blouses are not an only fashion to look gorgeous, but also giving a most sophisticated appearance to your saree.

Bollywood Designer Halter Neck Blouse Trend

Indian blouse and saree fashion have got an attention from women not only residing in India but also attracted women residing outside India. Mostly Halter Neck Blouse include plunging neckline that is tied around the neck. Most interesting feature about Halter style neck blouse is we can customize it with a wide range of patterns, styles, designs and even embroidery work on it.

Halter neck blouse trend yet remains timeless style among women, it’s most favorite blouse style for stylish women across the globe. Indian wear saree is considered as most elegant clothing for women. Women can wear this kind of outstanding designer blouse on any occasion.

Sangeeta Gosh Halter Neck Blouse Saree
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Are you looking for fresh and unique concept designer blouse in halter style? Nowadays, women are using embroidery lace design on V shape of halter blouse that match with the blouse color.

Halter fancy neck blouse for women are so much popular, on the back side of this halter blouse neck design, depth may be varies depending on body shape. On the back side, you can keep broader back strap or sometimes tie with thin string. Embroidery work or stone work in this kind of blouse give a royal look to the wearer.

Halter neck blouse

New fancy patterns and embroidery designs have developed on designer saree patterns making fabulous. It takes a lot of creative precision and imagination to create new saree blouse design that gives a unique look to the wearer. When you wear this halter shape neck blouse, it will give you an indo-western look to your saree that is a perfect match for an evening party.

Check out below celebrities wearing halter neck blouse designs. Aishwarya rai in the pink halter blouse with beautiful saree make it so beautiful. While Rani Mukerji in pink colored designer saree with beautiful embroidery border and halter shape neck blouse make it so gorgeous.

Below is few instance when Indian Bollywood actress was spotted wearing halter neck blouse styles, with awesome fancy designs worth stealing ideas from !

Halter Neck Blouses For Women

Check out few more images with halter neck Bollywood designer blouse and sarees. In which Katrina kaif and Kareena Kapoor wearing a halter blouse with Bollywood designer saree.

Halter Blouse Neck Bollywood Designer Saree
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Fashion will never end, it will be trendy day by day. The thing that change is the only time, not fashion, fashion is evergreen.

We also create custom halter blouse neck embroidery design that suits customer’s need. If you need to order any embroidery designs for halter neck blouse, feel free to get in touch with us.

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